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3-Weeks to Go LIVE

From agreeing to go live, it is only 3 weeks before you’re sending out your first order



Our brands are designed to be operated with equipment found in the majority of kitchens. In the unlikely scenario, you need a new piece of equipment, the cost will be paid back in only a few orders.

You have the option of integrating with our custom hardware and software, allowing you to run all brands and delivery partners from a single terminal. Otherwise, you will require one tablet per delivery partner, per brand

This depends upon your current levels of staffing and order volume. However, in our experience, most partners have maintained current staffing levels until our brands have reached 30-40 orders per day. We have built our menus to remain as operationally simple as possible, requiring minimal extra labour hours.

Depending on your availability for training, we can launch in as little as three weeks from the signing of our franchise agreement.

YES! We will provide training to your entire team. Your sales and the perception of our global brands rests on the quality of food. We want to make sure you feel comfortable and able to produce our food to the same quality you cook your own.

Behind our brands are a roster of world-class brand managers, marketers, social media experts and experienced chefs. We put in the work perfecting the menu, growing the brand and engaging with delivery partners so you can concentrate on making the food.

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